A screening presented by Everyday Arias 

Everyday Arias is a one of a kind short film festival that specialises in opera shorts from around the world. Although the collaboration between opera and film is not new, we hope to reinvigorate the art form by bringing elements of the extraordinary into the everyday. Our idea of opera embraces all cultures and music traditions as our programme features shorts from a variety of countries and cultures.  This exciting juxtaposition of creative visions will hopefully prove stimulating for both the die-hard opera fan and for newcomers.  We are extremely honoured to be screening a selection of our shorts for The Opera in The City Programme.

1st September, 7.30pm

Running time: tbc
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Bridewell Theatre
14 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ

Nearest tube station: Blackfrias, St Pauls
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